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See Patrick Live

Guess what? I’m taking my book on tour–and it’s not even out yet!

Here’s a thing about me: I’m an impulsive nightmare! I loved writing this book and I can’t wait for you to read it. Like, literally, I can’t wait. So I’m bring the book to you before it hits the bookstore shelves! I put together a show of one of my favorite chapters complete with pictures and unbelievably embarrassing videos that you won’t get in the book! It tells the story of high school drama club drama, my first love, and the profound impact Ryan Phillippe’s butt had on my life. In short, it is hilarious and heartfelt and for sure coming to a city near you. You should come and see it and meet me.
Because I love you and I need attention.

NOTE: Only shows occurring before the release date of Sept 26, 2023, include a copy of the book with ticket purchase. For shows occurring after the release date, the book is sold separately.

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