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Failure Is Not NOT an Option Book by Patrick Hinds

Patrick Hinds has failed. A lot.
In fact, he’s kind of an expert at it.

On paper, the chubby, poor, gay son of a lesbian who wrote pornographic letters to Jesus isn’t the person that you think of when you hear the word “success.” Yet Patrick Hinds has somehow managed to bungle his way through to become the successful co-host of True Crime Obsessed—a podcast with more than 200 million downloads.

Before that, though, he failed at many, many things. Patrick’s life is a series of fiascos, missteps, and just plain bad ideas. An eternal optimist, he’s always thrown himself into everything he’s done, even when he probably shouldn’t have. He devoted himself to becoming an actor even though he was terrible, started a daycare even though he hated kids, and somehow had a disastrous time with Bea Arthur . . . even though he couldn’t be gayer.

Both heartfelt and hilarious, Failure Is Not NOT an Option lets Patrick’s signature storytelling style shine.

By trying, and yes, failing at so many things, Patrick finally found his way—to a great career, a great husband, and a great family. Along the way, there were hurdles to jump, unexpected surprises, and no shortage of laughter. Failure is Not NOT an Option is a fun and outrageous read that will raise you up—and provide a soft landing pad for the next time you fall.

Patrick Reads From the Book

Patrick Reads From The Book

Patrick Hinds '"Failure Is Not NOT an Option"
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Failure Is Not NOT an Option - Patrick Hinds book written by Patrick Hinds
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